National Drink Beer Day Hash: Or The Just Another Day in the Life of a Hasher Hash



When : Saturday 9/28/2013 4pm

Where : (Not exact location)

In our usual half-minded celebration of the greatest adult beverage ever conceived, Titwad, Goesentite and Circuscision will lead the kennel through as yet unexplored (we think) shiggy. It’s a hash, so it’s bound to be awesome, right?!

Lots of beer, orange food, delicious shiggy, all for a measly $6. Virgins, if you can lure them in with your charms, are free.

We’ll start at the Northwest Branch of the YMCA. It’s on Innovation Court, just off Vernal Pike. Vernal Pike is the road that crosses 37 at one of the stoplight intersections. It’s the super annoying intersection south of the 45 exit, and north of W. 3rd Street. If you’re coming from 45, turn right on Vernal. That means if you’re coming from W. 3rd St., you’ll need to turn left on Vernal. You’ll be heading west, away from downtown. Stay on Vernal until you come to Innovation Court (I think the sign says Street instead of Court) on the left. We’ll be parking along the street outside the entrance to the new Y.

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