Memorial Hash

Memorial Day is this weekend. It is accepted tradition on Memorial Day to remember our friends and family who have passed on before us. What better way to celebrate the lives of our cherished departed than drinking the sacred fluid of beer in the woods. 10403110_10104177466146219_1344415397354925698_n

Legends abound about the darkness that resides in those hallowed woods – are you brave enough to encounter the active spirits of those departed? Perhaps you can find the treasure they zealously guard…

Your hares for this ghoulish outing will be Mama Said Pop U Out (in her virgin haring!) and Psychadelic Cumfountain. Cum join us at BeanBlossom Lake in Morgan Monroe State Forest on Saturday, May 24, at 4pm, when we will stumble through the woods and dry lake bed in search of beer with which to toast the fallen and ward off angry spirits. $6 for experienced ghost hunters, free for sacrificial virgins.

You can take old 37 north to Anderson Road, then turn left on BeanBlossom Road. The dry lake shelter parking lot will be the first drive off to the left. Carpooling is advised!

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