Summer in the City Hash

Well the polar vortex took away the “heat and humidity” theme, and we’re not really in the city (there’ll be plenty of shiggy!), so really we could have called this the “Winter in the Sticks” hash and it’d make about as much sense.

Nevertheless, come out to Lake Griffy, where we’ve hashed so rarely, and enjoy a shiggified July-in-the-woods trail laid by White Lightning and Scooby, I’d Do Her. There’ll be beer, there’ll be sunshine, there’ll be trails of gold undimmed by human tears. Plus orange snacks!
Summer In The City
Where: Lake Griffy boathouse parking lotWhen: Saturday, July 19, 4:00pm
Who: Scooby I’d Do Her and White Lightning
What: Hashing

ALSO: This is a homebrew hash! If you bring a six-pack of your homebrew (or your favorite microbrew/import alcoholic beer) to the hash, you’ll get to hash for free — plus you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy the other special beers people have brought. If you don’t bring beer, you can still pay $6 and join us on the trail, but you’ll have to drink from the regular hash beer.


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