The Day After Pearl Harbor Bash

“We have nothing to beer but beer itself.”

1003720_159896877533263_567494525_nJoin the bashers for a festive holiday trail around…wait, no, the theme is “The Day After Pearl Harbor Bash.” Um…commemorate the 73rd anniversary of December 8, 1941, with a festive holiday trail around…no, wait.

Oh well: Expect the usual bash trail goofiness because your bare is Mothershucker, and it’ll cost you $6, unless you’re a newbie, then it’s free!

Start: Underneath the big table sculpture on the B-Line. (The sculpture is called “Bloomington Banquet,” btw.)

Trail is road bike, Buttcheek, and beginner friendly. (Bring a bicycle, helmet, lights, and as much reflective gear as you can possibly muster.)

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