Cream in my BUTRz Birthday Hash

10996267_10101569805389484_4851315287849693738_nNearly 29 years ago BUTRz entered this world. Your hares BUTRz, Cream & Jerk, and Nordic Cream Horn will be helping (read: forcing) you all to celebrate this grand occasion by hashing through scenic Nashville, Indiana! The trail will involve numerous perils including water crossings (see below about a highly recommended change of clothing), shiggy, and butt-oriented puns!

You might be wondering what you must pay to attend such a wonderful party? Well, for all seasoned party goers trail will cost $6 but virgin party goers are free.

Trail will begin in the public parking at the end of Washington St. Make sure you park in the rear! The location provided under “Where” will get to the lot, but keep your eyes open for the proper entrance as you wouldn’t want to accidentally park in the wrong hole.

To continue celebrations after trail, current tentative On After is the upstairs bar of Big Woods on Van Buren (a.k.a. the main drive through Nashville). This is walk-able from start so prep a potential change of clothes in the car if you feel the need. NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOU TRAVEL TO THE HASH WITH YOUR ID AND MONEY.

When: Saturday, March 28, 3:00pm
Where: 155-299 S Sycamore St, Nashville, IN 47448

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