Big *ocks and Wet Holes Hash

Yes, we know what you have been thinking. Not nearly enough raunchily (a real word? who knows) themed hashes. So, in order that you can put your lewd, lascivious and prurient instincts to work, we are naming this Saturday’s hash the Big *ocks and Wet Holes Hash. Have you ever been in a situation with too many big *ocks and wet holes? We didn’t think so. So bring plenty of protection (spf 30 at least) from the *ocks and something suitable for getting wet lest you find yourself inexorably drawn in to one of those sweet, wet holes.

Where: Ghost Marsh, corner of Walnut and Winslow/Country Club/Tapp/Rogers (Ain’t Bloomington wonderful?) See below for di-erections. ***IMPORTANT STUFF BELOW***
What: A hash, WTF else would we do?
When: Saturday next, June 23 comencing at 4:00.
Why: Why not?
Who: You and other half minded wanks.
How many simoleons, you ask? Six. Cheep cheep. That is unless you have never had an intimate encounter with a big *ock or a wet hole, in which case its free. On after weenie roast – and believe me, you won’t want to miss it – is even cheeper only 4 weasel skins.
Dog friendly, but BRING A LEASH.

Di-erections: Find Downtown Bloomington. You can spot it by the fish on the big dome thingy. Head (WSH?) south on College until College naturally and gracefully becomes one with south Walnut St. Continue in that di-erection until you come to a big reddish-brownish-orangy deserted building on your right (west). Across the street from IU Credit Union. Pull in (out comes later), park, locate people like yourself (scary, huh?) pay your money. And HASH.

***THE IMPORTANT STUFF*** Be on time because these nasty hares may (and probably will) call an audible in order to go in search of big *ocks and wet holes and relocate this hash at the last minute causing a sudden mass exodus from the aforementioned point of beginning. Not responsible for those showing up after 4:10. 4:15 is right out. However, you can always call a hare at 812-327-6690 or 812-391-1017 or 812-272-5490.

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