Feast of the Circuscision (Observed) Hash 1/2 @ 3pm

Feast of the CircuscisionBelieving January 2 to be the Feast of the Circumcision, Circuscision found himself overcum with half-minded glee. So he cut short the discussion and snatched the date of the first regular(?!) hash of the New Year. It turns out, however, that Circus’s half-minded nature extends also to his half-intact memory insofar as the Feast of the Circumcision falls on January 1. An uppercut to his pride notwithstanding, with his glee cut short and his shortcut long, Circus enjoined Weird Al Spankabitch—who had cut his teeth, or at least his head <wsh?!>—on a previous haring venture at Cutright(!), to assist him in cutting a path for wankers to find beer. So let us cut to the chase. With no malice aforeskin, your well-cut hares invite you to a hash mohel fun than your half-minds can conjure on Saturday January 2, the Feast of the Circuscision (Observed).

Hares: Circuscision and Weird Al Spankabitch
Shiggy level: 3 (some ready made paths & some trail blazing maybe wet)
Cost: $7 for members of the church, free for uncircuscised virgins.
Where: the dog park on the North end of Griffy Reservoir <map>
When: 3pm this Saturday, January 2nd
Why: hashing!

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