2nd Annual Robbie Burns Dinner Hash n Bash 1/24 @ 3pm

2nd Annual Robbie Burns Dinner Hash n Bash“Freedom and Whisky gang thegither,
Tak oft yer dram!
Lace yer running bits, straddle yer bike,
Lest we a’ ur damned!”
– Robert Fucking Burns, aka The Bard

Cum out to celebrate Robbie Burns Day (Scootlund’s second National Day) this January 24 with a festive fair trail through Bloomington’s many fine lochs — Nessie sightings ur a wee possibility!

This year we ur daein’ something extra special: a combined hash/bash trail. Feel free tae run, donder, or cycle. Whitevur lifts yer kilt. Trail wull be friendly to runners and walkers, as well as all bike types, levels o’ fitness and skill. Ye wull ainlie need a girth o’ enthusiasm ‘n’ a stoatin thirst.

Event will again include a running/rolling supper. Na, ya didnae read that wrong! Cum have a cup of cock-a-leekie soup (yes, I promise it is real…and that no cocks were hurt in its making), some smoked posh fish ‘n’ neeps, a tae o’ eggies, a wee bit o’ the haggis, shortbread, some fine ales and perhaps even a shot or two of scotch.

Hares: Psychadelic Cum Fountain and Gaelick Pasties
Bares: Lick Herp Package and F. Lotts Pittsgerald

First time lasses and lads dram ‘n’ run/ride for free, but pay $8 for supper ‘n’ an extra braw selection of quality swally.
Kilters wae hae awready promised loyalty tae William Wallace pay $7 for trail, or $15 for trail and supper (a wee cost fur proper freedom).

Wanks shuid feel free tae participate in as muckle or wee o’ th’ festivities as thay wish, though we recommend sharing supper wi’ th’ hares/bares. It promises tae be a richt guid time wi’ a pure dead brilliant menu.

Appropriate dress (kilt and sporran, or at least some plaid and tweed) strongly encouraged, but not required. Painting one’s face Braveheart style also encouraged, but still not required.

Quick details for the event:
This event is a *little* more managed than normal hashes. The $15 price reflects special parts of trail included such as Scotch toastings, Scottish beer, and a rolling dinner (4 courses along the way!) We highly recommend this option as you’ll look awkward refusing alcohol and incredible food. We don’t want you to look awkward, so please let us know if the price is a problem for you. (Regulars $15 trail and feast [$7 for trail only]
Virgins $8 trail and feast (free for trail only)].

Who: You, specifically, hashers, bashers and virgins of all types are welcome at this event. You’ll meet two hares and two bares who will lay trail together to each beer stop (likely 4 of them).
You get to choose your trail: will you hash or will you bash (hashing with a bike)?

What: This trail brings together the best aspects of hashing and bashing by rejoicing with our sister group while still choosing your favorite mode of travel (or maybe something new) to find beer. This event includes a 4-course rolling dinner, special beer, Scotch and really shitty company.

When: Although Burns Night is typically January 25, we’re taking advantage of the Hash and Bash dates for 1/24.

Where: Whoa, whoa, slow down, we’re not there yet!

Why: We’re celebrating the life of the Scottish bard Robbie Burns and world-famous poet. You may know him through singing Auld Lang Syne on NYE before the ball drops. It’s the most covered song on planet earth, right behind “Happy Birthday.” He did a lot of cool other shit too. People all around the world celebrate this date.

How: Great Scottish booze, a shitty trail, decent people.
Kilts are highly encouraged.

When: Sunday, January 24 at 3 PM
Where: TBA
How much: Regulars $15 trail and feast ($7 for trail only), Virgins $8 trail and feast (free for trail only)

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