Full Worm Moon Hash

Full Worm Moon HashFeeling adventurous? Son of Gucci and The Love Butt are haring a Full Worm Moon Picture Hash. Yup, you read that right. Bring flashlights just in case, but make sure to throw your caution to to the wind.

This is happening Wednesday, March 23rd, starting at 7pm, from the IU Research and Teaching Preserve parking lot on North Headley Rd.

To get to the start, take Fee Lane north across the bypass, like you’re going to Lake Griffy, but turn left into the parking lot once you’ve gone 0.8 miles on Headley Road.

Carpooling recommended, as the parking lot is pretty tiny. The Griffy boat dock lot further down the road would be a good place to carpool from.

The trail will cost a mere $7 if you’ve hashed before, or it’s free if you’ve never done a BFH3 hash trail in your life.)

Cum -celebrate the Full Worm Moon,
Raise rhyta and let our foot falls
Awaken worms to the sounds of Spring
and hashers harrying hares.
Brygos cup int drunk
Bring virgins that we may anoint their feet.

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