Easter Kegg Hash & KegHunt

Easter Kegg Hash & KegHuntIt’s time for EASTER KEGG! A mini-event hosted by BFH3 MisManagement. Where will it be? What will it be like? Well, you’ll just have to cum and find out.

Esteemed BFH3 JM Kinsey and veteran hare Titwad are laying us a trail most mysterious… all we know is that we need to arrive on time, because the start location is so awesome we can’t even park there. Meet up in the parking lot behind Oolitic Town Hall at 109 Main Street in Oolitic IN, promptly at 3:00 PM, and wankers will be bussed from there to the start location until 3:15 PM. Why all the mystery? Well, even PH doesn’t know that, but knowing these hares there is a dang good reason to keep you in suspense! Just make sure you get yourself there by 3:00, and since Oolitic is a 25 minute drive from the south side of Bloomington, any wankers who want to carpool are encouraged to meet up at Lucky’s on South Walnut by 2:15, and on-out by 2:30.

If that isn’t enough to entice you, we’re also having our sorta-annual BFH3 Easter Kegg Hunt! This year your JM PH is feeling nostalgic for BFH3 traditions of yore, so this year we’re reviving the classic easter kegg hunt tradition of NOT hunting for eggs with candy and other such innocent nonsense. That’s right wankers, bring your easter baskets because we’re HUNTING FOR BEERS! After the hash is over we’ll turn you wanks loose on a space in which we’ve cleverly and not-so-cleverly hidden a whole bunch of BEERS!

Any beers you find, you can take home or swap with other wankers, and there will be one extra-special beer that will earn you bragging rights AND a free fridge-sized keg for your guzzling pleasure! AND… it won’t cost you one dime extra! Cum one cum all for one of the funnest old-school mini-events of the year!

NOTE: Last bus to start location leaves at 3:15 pm – WE MEAN IT! If you miss the bus you will not be able to find the start point and you will miss the hash and the Kegg Hunt.

$7 Experienced Hashers, free for first-timers.

When: Saturday, March 26 at 3 PM
Where: Parking lot behind Oolitic Town Hall,109 Main St, Oolitic, IN 47451

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