BFH3 2019 Campout – June 7-9


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The Fools are returning to Brown County State Park! We have Rally Camps 4+5 and the Recreation Building Shelter reserved from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. THESE ARE PRIMITIVE CAMP SITES WITH PIT TOILETS! THERE IS DRINKING WATER NEARBY! THERE ARE NOT SHOWERS NEARBY (but there are probably some elsewhere in the park you can invade).

FULL WEEKEND REGO ($40) includes: Friday trail and beer! Saturday breakfast, lunch, trail, dinner, and beer! Sunday hangover trail and light breakfast!

SATURDAY ONLY REGO ($30) includes: Saturday breakfast, lunch, trail, dinner, and beer! Camping not included. Add on Friday or Sunday for standard hash cash each ($7)

Friday, June 7: Camping opens. Time TBD. Chili cookoff! Short half-assed welcum trail.

Saturday, June 8: Breakfast, lunch, and assorted games and fellowship! Main trail at 4:00 pm. Dinner and more beer afterward! There may be a midnight trail if people are still up.

Sunday, June 9: Hangover fatboy trail probably around 10:00-10:30 am. Who knows, we operate on hash time. The important part is to be cleaned up and out by 2:00 pm (and the park does not operate on hash time).

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