BFH3 Hash Gear
Need hash gear or need to vamp up your current gear?  Items for sale at every hash.  Find a haberdasher at the next hash and they can hook you up.

* Pricing and product availability are subject to change.
* Haberdashers: FOOSH Cooch, Screw It I’m Wet and Doctor Hoo Who


BFH3 Bottle Opener     BFH3 Bottle Opener $1

BFH3 Plastic Cup     BFH3 Drinkware – Plastic Mug $3

BFH3 Beer Near Pint     BFH3 Drinkware – Beer Near Pint $5

BFH3 Hat     BFH3 Hat – Summer $15

Jingle Balls Hat     BFH3 Hat – Winter $15

PHOTO COMING SOON:     BFH3 Ear Muffs $8

BFH3 Lanyard     BFH3 Lanyard $3

 BFH3 On On Sticker     ON-ON Stickers (3″ x 1.5″) $1

PHOTO COMING SOON:     ON-ON Stickers (3″ x 6″) $2

BFH3 Whistles     BFH3 Whistles $1

PHOTO COMING SOON:     COMBO – Lanyard, Whistle & Bottle Opener $4

HASH NECKLACES (more photos coming soon)

Customized necklace $5

Hemp Cord (up to 18′)
Letter Beads
Plastic Beads (up to 25)
Foot Beads (limit 1)

Did you miss an event, feel nostalgic or need to increase your swag collection? There is a limited supply of these items left. Once they are gone, they will be gone forever.

Analversary T Shirt
Analversary 17 T-Shirt Ladies v-neck (front)
(M, L, XL) $10 $5

Analversary Shirt Back
Analversary 17 T-Shirt Mens Crew (back)
(S, M, L, XL) $10 $5

PHOTO COMING SOON:     Red Dress T-Shirt (small) $5 $3

DSC_0415     Jingle Balls 2013 Silipint $5

Wedding_Hands & Knees     Wedding Pint Hands & Knees $3 $1

DSC_0412     Jingle Balls 2014 DownDownShot $3 $1

Red Dress Socks     Red Dress Socks $10 $5

Hash Camp Koozie     Hash Camp Koozie $2 $1

Wedding Koozies PH & Ewe Tube Wedding Koozies Sweet Ho & Rubik's
Wedding Koozies SweetHo/Rubik and PH/ET $1