Great googley-moogly, the Blooming Fools hash is 20 years old! Twenty. Years. Old!bunny What were you doing in the summer of 1997?


In Bloomington, eight or so intrepid hashers set forth on the first-ever Blooming Fools trail, which sucked. For the record, the very first Blooming Fools trail started at the Frank Southern Ice Arena parking lot, went south to the (no longer) forested hill behind the Winslow Road (no longer) Pizza Hut, then over to PCB-infested Clear Creek, and back up past (still there) Night Moves and through the high school grounds to end at my (no longer) house on Azalea Lane. A much delayed thank you to the (no longer) Hoosier Hash House Harriers hashers who came down to start us up!

hashers on rocksSince then it’s been one lousy trail after another: burning sun, lightning storms, torrential downpours, death marches, fat boys, Jingle Balls, red dresses, police calls, BFH3 lingerie, Chinese death liquor, forest rangers…wait, where was I? Point is, we’re going to celebrate it all with a weekend o’hashing in our own hometown of Bloomington!

The 20th Analversary is August 4-6, 2017 —burrs the weekend after IU and Ivy Tech let out, and the weekend before MCCSC starts.


It’s going to start with a hash trail on the east side of Bloomington on Friday evening (August 4), with surprises along the way. Shiggy, beverages, orange food…what’s notmarks to love?

Then, Saturday, August 5, all friggin’ day we’re beaching it down at Fairfax State Recreation Area. There’ll be trail, sun, sand, food, bevercockfightingages, hash olympics, and all the water sports you can handle. Bring beach balls, kayaks, inner tubes, inflatables, whatever floats your boat. We’ll make sure you’re never hungry or thirsty. red dress 2

Sunday morning, August 6, there’ll be a fat boy hash downtown, with a fantastically excruciating trail that befits the designation, “fat boy.” (i.e.,grip not too excruciating at all).

What else makes this an Analversary weekend? Swag, of course! There’ll be super-cool swag that you will use/wear/play with/violate for your whole life. (Some of it is already here…you’ll like it!)in water

So how much is it for this whole shebahashesr on tracksng? A mere $40 gets you three trails, beer or alternative beverages, snacks, dinner on Saturday, and super swag. Are you super cheap? You can participate on Saturday for $30, but you aren’t guaranteed swag. But you can spend $40 in one night in Bloomington going out to thepool bars, so why not spend the weekend with us? Then when your friends ask you what you did that weekend, you can say, “Um…I don’t remember.”red dress

To register for Analversary, sign up via the Paypal button below by July 31. After that, the price is going to go up by $5 until August 3, after which it’ll go up by $10. But sign up today so we can use the cash to get more swag. This is a labor of love, people, so be nice to mismanagement and sign up today!dancing

See you in August, when we’re going to party like it’s 1997 at the 20th BFH3 Analversary! On on!

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On on!