21st Annual Blooming Fools Jingle Balls Hash!


It’s the best time of the year! It’s time for the 21st annual BLOOMING FOOLS JINGLE BALLS HASH!

12405247_10153757568585097_2089830633_oTo celebrate another year of hashing, we’re hosting another classic Blooming Fools day and evening of glamour, glitz, and gluttony! We’re changing it up this year, though–we’ve got a new place downtown that’s going to have you Johnnying your Mathis for months! Info below:

When: December 9. Trail starts at 2pm, the Jingle Ball Ball starts at 7pm.Image result for holiday beer

Where: Trail starts at Boner’s Lot, at the east end of West Hillside Drive in Bloomington, and it’ll be hared by Broke Bitch Mounted, Weird Al, and White Lightning. It’ll be a holly jolly trail. With beer.
Party is at Artisan’s Alley, 222 W. 2nd Street. Park beside the building or at the Seminary Square Kroger and cross the street. See picture below. JB Parking

What: Well, trail is trail. (God Help Us, Everyone!) But the party! It’ll include dinner, beer, dessert, more beer, dancing, more beer, and even a festive goodie to keep forever or to regift if you’re the cheapest Scrooge in town. Dinner will be catering from The Butcher’s Block, with pulled pork, beef brisket, and lots of sides including veggie and vegan options.* Plus there’ll be good beer. Plus: you won’t want to miss the much beloved Blooming Fools WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE. (Just bring a wrapped gift suitable for a hasher. We suggest spending about $10 on it, but do whatever you want–and remember, you have to bring a gift to get a gift, and nobody should be giftless during the holidays!)

How much: $35!

How do I sign upOnline signup is closed! But please cum! You can pay tomorrow at the hash or at the party, if you’d like: $35 for trail and party. On on!

The Blooming Fools thank YOU for being such great hashers during 2017, and for never complaining or whining or bitching or being generally a pain in the ass. (Or maybe you were, but we didn’t listen to you because we were drinking our beers. It’s all good.) Looking forward to seeing you at Jingle Balls, and for another great year of shiggyfied bliss! ON ON!

Image result for holiday drunk runners

Oops, wrong holiday

* There’ll be veggie options for sure, but if you’re vegan, let us know in the Facebook group or drop me a note at whlightnin@gmail.com so we’ll be sure to have enough. We don’t want to plan for three vegans and get six, is all. BFH3 loves our vegan hashers!