Blooming Fools Hash House Harriers, a.k.a. BFH3

BHF3 is a hash club (for adults 21 and over) based in Bloomington, Indiana, hashing every other Saturday at 4 p.m. in the summer, 3 p.m. in the winter. Join us for a 3 to 5 mile noncompetitive trail through the worst terrain we can find–runners and walkers invited. Fool moon hashing is about 2 to 4 miles, usually starting at 7:00 PM.

Our current schedule is available on our Hareline at https://rebrand.ly/hareline.

Be Prepared For…

Trail:  A good trail is “shiggy.” Shiggy is an obstacle you encounter on trail, and at BFH3 it usually comes in the form of hills, mud, brush, water crossings, & wildlife sightings for rural hashes, and weed-and litter-strewn alleys, abandoned lots, sculptures, playgrounds, and tunnels for urban hashes.

What to expect on a hash:  beer, flour, a shiggy trail, hash names, funny (and often bawdy) songs, knee socks, kilts, happi coats, beer

What should you bring:  a sense of humor, thirst, an open mind, OLD shoes, leg protection (socks, pants), bug repellent, and a reusable vessel for your drink.

How to Hare

Volunteer to Hare. It would be really nice.

You’ve been on a trail or five and now you’re ready to try haring, but where to begin?

It’s easier than you think. Check out the BFH3 Quick & Dirty Half-Mind Hare Manual, one short and delicious page of everything aspiring hares need to know to lay us a shitty, shitty trail!

Need more details? Perhaps some specific tips? Take a look at this Hare School PowerPoint developed by our esteemed 2014 MisManagement team!