BFH3 #936 2nd Annual Boulder Holder Hash

WHAT: Hash
WHERE: 3076 Dollsberry Ln, Nashville, IN 47448-8228
HARES: Sidewalk Cock and Fraubarrow
WHAT TO BRING: Life insurance ——> spray for all things that creep, fly, bite, and sting. Chairs for on-after. Boulders in holders.
WHY: Beer
Cost: $7, virgins are free
Accepted forms of payment:
– Venmo: @BloomingFools (preferred)
– Filthy cash

Cum one, cum all, to the 2nd annual boulder holder hash! Ticks and tits will be present. Wear your best boulder holder (up top or down below)! You will want tick repellent and bug spray indeed. But wait! There’s more! $7 gets you beer and food for the on-after at Papa Sidewalk’s. It may get a little toasty by the fire. Be sure to bring your lawn chairs if you don’t want chiggers in those crevices!

PSA: As much as we love to have fun, please make sure to have a safe ride home as there will be no adult sleepovers at this hash. Thanks in advance! 

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BFH3 #935 Talk Like A Pirate Hash

DATE: Saturday, Sept 10, 2022
TIME: 4:00pm

WHAT: Aaaaaaarrrrrg(uably) the most swashbuckling trail of the year! Gather all ye cut-throats, drunkards, and scallywags as we venture into the Briney Deep of Bloomington for an adventure that’ll have you begging for rum, booty, and beer! DFLs may be keelhauled as the FRBs risk walking the plank! Arrr! We be at the mercy of Neptune and the hares! On-Ahoy!
WHERE: Southeast Park (1600 S. Sycamore Court, Bloomington, IN)
HARES: ManBuns and RIP
WHAT TO BRING: Pirate Jargon, Pirate paraphernalia, shiggy socks
WHY: It be the chance to prove y’erselve a true seadog with the finest, most drunkenlyist crew to ever sail these fine sidewalks!
Cost: $7, virgins are free
Accepted forms of payment:
– Venmo: @BloomingFools (preferred)
– Filthy cash

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BFH3 #934 Talk Like A Pirate Pre-Lube Fool Moon Hash

DATE: Friday, Sept 9 2022
TIME: 7:00pm

WHAT: A debaucherous TREASURE MAP trail full of booty!
WHERE: Olcott Park, 2300 E. Canada Drive, Bloomington
WHAT TO BRING: pirate-y outfit you can r*n in, your beautiful self
WHY: …is the rum always gone? 🏴‍☠️🧉🫗

Cost: $7, virgins are free
Accepted forms of payment:
– Venmo: @BloomingFools (preferred)
– Filthy cash

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BFH3 #933 Ho Swarming Hashy Birfday Hash

DATE: Saturday, August 27, 2022 4pm

It’s RIP’s hashy birthday!!! and!! She moved! come sample the delights and pleasures of Ellettsville with a decadently shitty trail with many surprises and VIP access to Ellettsville’s many sublime geographical interests. PLUS! An on-after/birthday shindig at RIP’s new place.

WHAT: A rare and exotic hash through virgin(ish) territory!
WHERE: Ellettsville – Start location is TBD
HARES: Rest in Penis & Cream n’ Jerk
WHAT TO BRING: Shiggy socks, optimism, and a change of clothes for on-after (optional).
WHY: RIP’s dog would really like to meet you.

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Blooming Fools 24th Annual Red Dress and Homecumming

Details at HashRego:

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We’re back hashing in person in Bloomington!

We hash every other Saturday at 4pm (3pm winter) and every full moon at 7pm. Special events will start as noted on their details.

Our current schedule is available on our Hareline

If you’re trying to contact us, send a message to We’ll get back to you when we check that account. We’re slow, but we’re consistent!

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WHAT: BFH3 will be invaded by the men of New Jersey’s Rumson Hash House Harriers, the second oldest kennel in the USA! The men are historic! The event is historic! You will be on trail with one of the oldest, swankiest hashers ever–the founder of Rumson H3, Mr. Jackson himself! What a special designation for a special circumstance..

WHO: Hared by BFH3’s beloved Weird Al and Rumson’s ‘Runner Girl’ and ‘Butt Naked,’ you will be taken on a trail sure to show visitors and Fools alike a great time.

WHY: While Rumson is normally men-only, this special event allows a one-time exception for bimbos: the wedding of two hashers: BFH3’s ‘Gaelic Pasties’ and Rumson’s ‘Tickets.’


WHEN: NOTE SPECIAL START TIME! Meet up before 10:00am because you can’t start drinking all day if you don’t start early. Pack away no later than 10:17am–no exceptions!

HOW: Hash cash is $7 for old-timers and free for first-timers.

ATTIRE: Please wear white at the hash to celebrate the virgin wedding of our two hounds.

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BFH3 Hash #769: Yellow Subbeerine Hash


The 769th Blooming Fools Hash: Yellow Subbeerine Edition

Join the BFH3 for a shiggy-filled psychedelic romp through the wilds of Morgan-Monroe State Forest, visiting along the way:
The Sea of Nettles
The Sea of Spiderwebs
The Sea of Time (In Your Life That You’ll Never Get Back)
and, of course, the Sea of Beer!

The yellowest hasher wins a completely random but certainly alcoholic prize. There’ll be alternative beverages, nonnutritious snacks, and beer for everyone! “All you need is beer…”

The hash will start from Bryant Creek Lake in Morgan-Monroe State Forest. To get there, take Old State Road 37 north to Morgan-Monroe State Forest. Turn right onto the Forest Road, go about 50 yards, and turn right to the Bryant Creek Shelter parking lot. Latitude 39 Longitude -86.

HARE: White Lightning and Imaginary Friend (so far)
CASH: $7, virgins are free

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3rd Annual Robert Burns Day Hash 1/21

3rd-annual-robert-burns-day-hashHares Wha Hae, or, the Hares Address to their Hounds
at Blooming fools, poem

Scots, wha hae from Wallace bred,
Scots, wit hae these hares who led,
Welcome to your gory bed,—
Or to victorie.—

Now’s the day, and now’s the hour;
See the front o’ battle lour;
See approach proud the hash’s power,
Haggis and tatties.—

Who will be a-drunken-knave?
Who can find the trails na paved?
Who sae FRB limitless o brave?
—Let him turn and flie.—

Wha for Scotland’s king and law,
Freedom’s sword will strongly draw,
Free-Man stand, or Free-Man fall,
Let him follow trail.—

By Psycho and Gaelic Pasties’s woes and pains!
Wit your DFLs in gaggling chains!
Wha hounds will drain our dearest veins,
Let there be FREEDOM!

Lay the proud beer-nears low!
Victims fall going toe to toe!
Shitty beer’ll heavily flow!*
Hares bless thy Burns Hash!!!

*Wha beer will NAE be shitty! If it’s nae Scottish, it’s CRAAP!

Cum out to celebrate Rabbie Burns Day (Scootlund’s
second National Day) this January 21 with a festive
fair trail through Blooming fool’s many fine lochs —
Nessie sightings er a wee possibility!

This year we ur daein’ wha a bit special: a rollin’
suppa a seven courses. Na, ya didnae read that wrong!
Cum have a cup of cock-a-leekie soup (yes, I promise
it is real…and that no cocks were hurt in its
making), some smoked posh fish ‘n’ neeps, a tae o’
eggies, a wee bit o’ the haggis, shortbread, some fine
ales and even a shot or two of scotch.

**Donit be a cock bae shown up withae reservations,
fo’ Gaelic Pasties, aka Haggis, will be a screamin!**

Feel free tae run, donder, or waddle. Whitevur lifts
yer kilt. Trail wull be friendly to runners and
walkers, all levels o’ fitness and skill save the
cabers for a wae. Ye wull ainlie need a girth o’
enthusiasm ‘n’ a stoatin thirst.

We’ll meet by at the IU Memorial Stadium (the spot
cheekied up against those auld muckle guns on the West

Hares: Gaelic Pasties n Psychadelic Cum Fountain
First time lasses and lads dram ‘n’ run for free, but
pay $20 for supper.
Kilters wae hae awready promised loyalty tae William
Wallace pay $25 for trail (a wee cost fur proper

Wanks shuid feel freedom tae participate in Rabbie
Burns festivities as every Scot’s wish, as it
promises tae be a richt guid time wi’ a pure menu.

Appropriate dress (kilt and sporran, or at least some
plaid and tweed) strongly encouraged, but not
required. Painting one’s face Braveheart style also
encouraged, but hasen’t required.

Filthy, dirty English version:
Come out to celebrate ROBERT BURNS DAY (Scotland’s second national day) this January 21 with a festive trail through BFH3’s…land? You might find Nessie.

This is a special trail with a rolling dinner…on trail! Seven courses unless Gaelic Pasties gets too drunk to dish it out. There will be 100% delicious Scottish food. There will be Scottish-style beer and Scotch!

Don’t be an asshole and show up without me taking your reservation into account. I stay up for 3 days straight making the food and making sure I don’t run out. But, don’t let that stop you either. I’d rather you be an asshole and let me taunt you about it than decide to go to the library or something stupid (just kidding, I love libraries. You can go any other time besides January 21).

Feel free to run, walk, skip or do a fling through trail. Psycho and I will make a perfect trail.

Where: 2407 N Barbara Dr. Bloomington, IN 47408
Hares: Psycho and Garlic Pastries.
Trail dollars: $20 for virgins and $25 for hashers (it’s worth it, ask anyone who has come in the past).

This will be a really fun day. Gay, some would say.
Dress in a kilt if you can; it’s highly encouraged. Paint your face is you are brave. I like Brave <3

Men’s version:
When: Saturday, 1/21 at 2 PM
Where: 2407 N Barbara Dr. Bloomington, IN 47408
How much: $25, $20 for virgins

Rego at the event today!

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National Soft Ice Cream Day Full Moon Hash

13975542_10210505075889716_2455504241502839865_oFriday August 19th, join your hares, Get a Classroom and Nuns Shall Pass, for a beer to celebrate National Soft Ice Cream Day!

We’ll circle up in the parking lot across from hash practice at The Atlas, 202 S College Ave Bloomington

Cranial illumination would be a good idea.

How much? $7, virgins are free!

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