Nas’ Post-Analversary Shirtless Hash

or, in the alternate,
the “Now Who Can We Offend THIS Weekend?” Hash

Thought that last weekend was the last chance you had to offend the muggles?
Thinking that all that extra adipose tissue (read: “fat”) will go to waste, should you not, as soon as possible, get it out in the glorious sunshine to wiggle and waggle it’s way around in free-form, gravity-fighting wonderment?
We’ll do both! (Being lazy-azz hashers, we al’lus try to combine activities……especially if it involves beer!)
no tee shirts allowedWe’re off to Fairfax Land-Of-Eden, hitting THE OTHER END of the glorious Lake Monroe from Brown(Eye) County State Parque, to see if our unintended audience (the innocents who, while they pay taxes just like us, may OR MAY NOT think they own the joint…..) are of any more-friendly flavor, than the poor, mis-un-informed Picnic Nazis who attempted to have the woodsy gemdarme beat us senseless, and possibly *crucify* poor lil’ NasDiq (“a large[!], half-naked[!] man!”), for the monstrous crime of consuming THE SACRED BEVERAGE in pubic (I mean, *public*) view, WITHOUT A COLLARED LaCoste SHIRT.

(“Have AT you!”)
An entire, half-crazed, shirtless mo’fo MOB (Or, if your man-boobs be threat’nin’, jus’ go as O’Natural as conditions warrant) Hash!

Beer consumption WILL happen on trail!

Shirtless-ness-ness-ness WILL happen!


(Or die in miserable, clothed horror….)

Get thee to Fairfax Road and Mt Ebal Road. (Park in the ass fault area; let’s give the church a break….)
And prepare to smile broadly, AND LET IT ALL HANG OUT, BABY…..
4pm: hashtime, baby…..

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BFH3 Wet T-Shirt Hash

Getting wet and being wet are just about the best things ever, so let’s do both… while DRINKING BEER! Join the Blooming Fools at Cutright S.R.A. this Saturday wearing a white t-shirt over a swim suit (bottoms optional) and prepare for some shiggy, sun, and suds.

10376837_848696915140774_3878995157317882154_nYour hares, Mama Said Pop You Out and Hand’ersome Pooper, have some fun surprises up their dripping wet sleeves to celebrate summer and make this a memorable hash! There will be beer, there will be trail, there will be contests of strength and cunning, and there will be plenty of reasons to get your t-shirt wet.

Aug 2, 4pm
Cutright SRA overflow parking lot (see directions below)
$6 for hasher, free for virgins

You may want: a change of clothes, extra shoes, a towel, and virgins

From Bloomington: drive out 446 S. After the causeway, make the first left into the Cutright State Recreation Area. Stay right at the fork (ignore the parking lot and boat ramp to your left – those aren’t hashers). Make the second left (the paved left, not the gravel left… we’re not animals). Find hashers, drink beer, get wet.

NOTE: due to recent changes to google maps I refuse to use it. I’d rather not have a heart attack. If someone else wants to post one, please do… but please make sure it’s the back parking lot, not the immediate one.

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Summer in the City Hash

Well the polar vortex took away the “heat and humidity” theme, and we’re not really in the city (there’ll be plenty of shiggy!), so really we could have called this the “Winter in the Sticks” hash and it’d make about as much sense.

Nevertheless, come out to Lake Griffy, where we’ve hashed so rarely, and enjoy a shiggified July-in-the-woods trail laid by White Lightning and Scooby, I’d Do Her. There’ll be beer, there’ll be sunshine, there’ll be trails of gold undimmed by human tears. Plus orange snacks!
Summer In The City
Where: Lake Griffy boathouse parking lotWhen: Saturday, July 19, 4:00pm
Who: Scooby I’d Do Her and White Lightning
What: Hashing

ALSO: This is a homebrew hash! If you bring a six-pack of your homebrew (or your favorite microbrew/import alcoholic beer) to the hash, you’ll get to hash for free — plus you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy the other special beers people have brought. If you don’t bring beer, you can still pay $6 and join us on the trail, but you’ll have to drink from the regular hash beer.


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On-Hands-and-Knees-On Wedding Hash

cake31You are cordially invited to celebrate the happy union of Down on Your Knees and Jizz Hands on Saturday, the fifth of July, two thousand10417777_824133984263734_6274233661370217075_n and fourteen at four o’clock in the afternoon. The trail starts from the parking lot of Casa Del Sol in beautiful Nashville, Indiana.

There will be a trail, beer, a special keepsake to commemorate the solemn occasion, and an on-after of exquisite beauty, sprightly frivolity, and Bacchanalian debauchery.

Ushers Mother Shucker and Hand’ersome Pooper will lead you through the hills and vales of Brown County to the wedding bower. There, the young half-minds will be joined in hashy union and down-downs will be down-downed in their honor.

Please bring:

* $8 for trail and cool keepsake
* $7 for on-after – if you are so inclined – with beer, food, and wanker stew
* Dry bag with a change of shoes and clothes
* Camp chair or blanket for the ceremony and on-after
* Swim suit if you feel you need one

When: 4:00pm, Saturday, July 5
Where: Starts from Casa del Sol, 51 Parkview Rd., Nashville, IN (Map is HERE)
Who: Disastrous trail by Mother Shucker and Hand’ersome Pooper, but the day belongs to Down On Your Knees and Jizz Hands

No gift necessary, but wedding clothes are encouraged!


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Summer Solstice Cutoff Hash


Summer Solstice Cut-off Shorts Hashil_570xN.508291248_jh5p
Hares – Titwad and Just Jo
Where? Start at Otis Park, Bedford, IN
When? 4-7 pm, Saturday, June 21, 2014
How much? $6/person, virgins cum free
Why? Because we love you…oh…and BEER


Summer Solstice is the perfect time for a shiggy, nasty, tick-filled run through the lovely environs of Bedford, compliments of Titwad and Just Jo. Challenges and unpleasantness await all who dare to cum along. It’s gonna be hot and muggy for this weekend’s traipse through the trees. Maybe we’ll get lucky with the first sweet summer shower to cool things down and wash the mud and sweat away.

Directions from Bloomington – take 37 South to Bedford 17 miles, turn left on 16th Street go east about 3 miles and veer (hopefully not in a drunken manner) right onto Tunneleton Road. (Stoplight at bottom of hill.) Cross bridge and take immediate left into Otis Park. Park, Hash.

PS, There really isn’t any Chatauqua, just messin’ with ya.


Map of the start here:

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Buttcheek and TDP’s 2nd Annual Father’s Day Beach Bash

Please join BC and TDP for this year’s annual Father’s Day Beach Bash. The fun begins at 12:00 pm in the parking lot behind IU Folklore & Ethnomusicology (heretofore referred to as TDP’s lot). As always, virgins ride freely, experienced wanks pay $6.

This bash will be like none other. Literally, the brain child of an actual child, our route will twist and turn through the streets of Bloomington. Buttcheek is in control, so expect some 8 year old shiggy (and a few butt slaps).

You know you’re curious… (I know I am)10441150_10103758415287450_1067946233624521169_n

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Full Moon Dirty Dancing Tutu Hash

We can dance if we want to. We can leave your friends behind. ‘Cause your friends don’t dance, and if they don’t dance, well, they’re no friends of mine.

10451122_10104256915054969_3443059610415690311_nGrab your tutus, leotards, dance shoes, and cranium lamps, and be prepared to bust a move for the Full Moon Dirty Dancing Tutu Hash. Your hares, Dr. Hoo Who and Screw It, I’m Wet, have a magical evening of exciting turns, dips, leaps, and pirouettes planned to leave you dancing in the dark.

Where: Start is at Atlas Ballroom (209 S College Ave Bloomington)
When: Friday (6/13) @ 7pm
How Much: $6 for prima ballerinas, $0 corps de ballet (virgins)
Why: Beer

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The Shiggy of Dreams Hash

“Ray. People will come, Ray. They’ll come to Morgan Monroe for reasons they can’t even fathom. They’ll turn up Forest Road not knowing for sure why they’re doing it. They’ll arrive at the start as innocent as children, longing for shiggy. Of course, we won’t mind if you join us, you’ll say. It’s only $6 per person, and free for virgins. They’ll pass over the money without even thinking about it: for it is money they have and peace they lack. And they’ll walk out to the trail; hashing in shirtsleeves on a perfect afternoon. They’ll find they have YBFs somewhere along one of the bad trails, where they checked like they were children and believed they were on trail. And they’ll watch the circle and it’ll be as if they dipped themselves in magic waters. The memories will be so thick they’ll have to brush them away from their faces. People will come, Ray. The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been hashing. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But hashing has marked the time. This trail, this game: it’s a part of our past, Ray. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again. Oh… people will come Ray. People will most definitely come.”

Start: Forest Headquarters (don’t say it) at
turtle againMorgan-Monroe State Forest
When: 4pm, Saturday, June 7
How Much: $6 for veteran hashers, free for rookies
What: Beer, snacks, beer, and shiggy. And water, and alternative beverages. And beer.

Directions: From town, take Walnut Street north past the bypass, and turn right at the stoplight at the bottom of the hill onto Old IN 37. Take that about 8 miles north to the entrance of Morgan-Monroe State Forest. Turn right into the forest, and go a long way until you see the forest headquarters (no) on the left. Park in the Forest Headquarters (still no) parking lot, and hash.


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Sunday Bash

No fancy theme that I know of, but Mothershucker’s laying bash trail on Sunday, May 25, starting at 2pm from Boner’s Lot in Bloomington. A bash, for the thoroughly uninitiated, is like a hash, with a trail laid in flour, and beer checks, and circle — only all participants ride bicycles (and wear helmets). It’ll cost $6 for experienced bashers, and it’s free for first-timers. Boner’s Lot is a stone’s throw from the parking lot for SproutBox, whose address is 300 W. Hillside Dr in Bloomington (map HERE). On on!

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Memorial Hash

Memorial Day is this weekend. It is accepted tradition on Memorial Day to remember our friends and family who have passed on before us. What better way to celebrate the lives of our cherished departed than drinking the sacred fluid of beer in the woods. 10403110_10104177466146219_1344415397354925698_n

Legends abound about the darkness that resides in those hallowed woods – are you brave enough to encounter the active spirits of those departed? Perhaps you can find the treasure they zealously guard…

Your hares for this ghoulish outing will be Mama Said Pop U Out (in her virgin haring!) and Psychadelic Cumfountain. Cum join us at BeanBlossom Lake in Morgan Monroe State Forest on Saturday, May 24, at 4pm, when we will stumble through the woods and dry lake bed in search of beer with which to toast the fallen and ward off angry spirits. $6 for experienced ghost hunters, free for sacrificial virgins.

You can take old 37 north to Anderson Road, then turn left on BeanBlossom Road. The dry lake shelter parking lot will be the first drive off to the left. Carpooling is advised!

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