Purrrrrrrfect for Pussies hash – 9/12 at 4pm

Purrrrrrrfect for Pussies hashCockHome Syndrome and Weird Al Spankabitch will be haring a cat-themed hash! This is your chance to dress up like all college girls on Halloween…as a sexy cat!

Just as we know that some hashers are turkeys and some are eagles, in the famous words of legendary swim coach Bill Boomer, some athletes are more like cats, while some need to be trained like dogs. “I look at athletes in how they interact with the environment via the nervous system and I call it cats and dogs. A cat in the natural world lives, exists in that world, survives in that world in a totally different way than the dog does. The dog runs down their prey, they work hard and accomplish what their goals are in a pack. They are successful through work and volume. The cats burn really hot- after they have a short fast burn they may need 3 or 4 hours before they can work again.”

Whether you consider yourself a cat or a dog, we guarantee a good time….or at least some beer…

This is a cat friendly event, and while I suppose we’ll allow dog friendly folks, no actual dogs allowed. But, if you have trained your cats to go on walks, then please show off your awesome pussy!

Old cats: $7 hash cash
Virgin kitties: FREE

When: Saturday, 9/12 at 4:00 pm
Where: RCA Park, 1400 W RCA Park Drive, 47403

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Boob Service Hash!

Boob Service Hash!There will be Boobs! You will be Serviced!

Yes you’ve beered there bewhore! You probably came many many times! (I hope.) And if you didn’t then make sure you cum this time!! B/c why not?? Your naughty hares will do their very very best to make sure you get serviced in that long, hard, wet way you’ve cum to expect.

Do we promise it will be better than any t(r)ail you’ve ever laid or followed!? Well that depends on how many times you’ve cum! And remember – it’s not the size of the trail that counts or from wench it began, it’s the BEER.

Where to cum? Olcott Park <map>
When do you want to cum? Saturday, 8/29 at 4:00 PM
Will there be BEER?? Yes
Will there be t(r)ail? Much like you’ve cum to expect
How much? $7 for those already serviced, $0 for virgins!

Who are your hares? Boobs on Ice (the musical?), Womb Service, and Just Thomas

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Generic August Fool Moon Hash Announcement

Generic hashWhen: Friday, 8/28 at 7pm
What: Generic Fool Moon Hash
Where: Generic parking lot at the west end of Rev. Ernest D. Butler Park <map>
Why: Generic Beer
How much: $7 (for Generic Wankers); Free (for Generic Virgins)
Generic Hares: Circuscision and Starbust Mammaries

Generic shit just got real. Your hares Circuscision and Starbust Mammaries will lead you gently, trippingly from the wide open spaces of Rev. Ernest D. Butler Park through the Wild Wild Near West Side through areas known and unknown, hashed and unhashed (at least not by either of your trusty hares!).

Shiggy socks are recommended but not entirely necessary (no cuts on Circus, but that may have been an accident). Cranial illumination may be desirable but is also probably not necessary.

So cum join us on our decreasingly generic Fool Moon excursion for a brief but beery good time. On-On!

p.s. – If all goes well, we’ll be finishing up right around the start of the Movie in the (Rev. Ernest D. Butler) Park, coordinated by none other than our very own Handersome Pooper. So bring a blanket and experience Groundhog’s Day all over again all over again.

Note from the hares:
Shiggy socks and cranial illumination are strongly recommended.
your hares.

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The Bushwackiest Bushwhacking Bash Ever

Whack away, fellow bashers! This shig-tastic bash (weather permitting) will take you on a spirit journey to a bountiful spring of spirits and other shitty libations. You’d be a square to pass this one up!

Trail will be (mainly) road bike friendly–socks of the shiggy variety would be ideal though.

Virgins are free–those broken in better cough up $6 upon arrival.

—Lick Herp Package

When: Sunday, 8/23 at 4pm
Where: 415 E. Hillside Dr, 47401

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Yes, Titwad and Kinsey are haring a hash from Kinsey’s house this year!

Kinsey'sStart and end point is Kinsey’s Hash House, and we will be hashing, swimming (bring your togs or forever hold your pieces), and camping. Departure time is 9:30 am Sunday so you can get to the ANALVERSARY at Monroe!

Experienced swimmers $7
Tadpoles (virgins) free

Please RSVP if you are planning to camp afterwards: RSVP with tent and # of campers to the FB event, Johanna Salazar on FB, or jsalazar@Indiana.edu


Q – Directions?
A – At the intersection of old and new 37 south of town, continue south like you’re going to the drive-in. You will drive almost exactly 1.5 miles and my house will be on the left. Number is on mailbox and house, dark blue-grey concrete block with white trim/doors (pictured at top). Note hares arrow on mailbox. Circle drive in front and gravel drive up hill to additional garage (hash house) out back.

Q – Where can I park?
A – Anywhere on my gravel and a little bit in the front yard. I have LOTS of gravel.You can NOT park in the middle yard due to septic.

Q – What should I bring?
A – Camping gear, if you want electric-extension cords and power strips, foods for the fire, snacks to share, beverages, etc. for the on-after. Towels and soaps if you want to shower – camp-style (SHORT) indoor showers will be had as needed.

Q – House Rules?
A – Please try to keep the dirt down by removing shoes before entering. Do not let my cats out under penalty of death. Please keep doors shut for AC to stay inside. Help yourself to toilets – on septic, so please put most TP in trash and flush only as needed.

Q – Cooking?
A – I have a grill and kitchen so we can cook whatever you bring.

Q – Drinks?
A – Please bring what you want. I will have some fridge/cooler space but it might be good to have extras…

Q – Can we have a fire?
A – Sure, I have a firepit, and I have some wood, so donations will be appreciated

Q – Can I bring my dog/canary/duck/cat?
A – Sure, if your animal is well-socialized and you keep it on a leash or in a cage. I do live on a highway. Aggressive pets are not welcome.

Q – Can Jo’s cats go outside?
A – ABSOLUTELY NOT! I live on a highway.

Q – What if I want to get really drunk?
A – Sure – if you plan to get drunk, bring enough alcohol to do that and plan to stay overnight – see above. Drunk driving is strongly discouraged.

Q – Can I bring a camper/RV?
A – Yes, but please PM me so we can be organized about parking it on a flat space.

This photo (taken since I bought the house) shows highlighted places to park – when you get here, you will see that much of the gravel is overgrown with grass since I’m trying a green driveway – I’ll mark the “edges” somehow (flour?) It is 2 cars wide in most places and you can park in the front/side yard near the concrete pad. You cannot park in the back except for the gravel.Parking at Kinsey's

When: 8/15 at 4pm  (ends 8/16 at 9:30am)
Where: 7451 S. Old State Road 37, 47403  <map>
How much: Experienced swimmers $7, Tadpoles (virgins) free

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Lick Herp Package and Just Nick’s New Moon Bash

Calvin & bicycleThis ain’t some pansy-ass Twilight-themed bash! This is a legit NEW MOON bash! Friday! Beginning at Just Nick’s place! Be there or be forever labeled as LAME!

Virgins are free–$6 if you are already broken in 😀

When: Friday, 8/14 at 7pm
Where: 211 N Grant St, Bloomington, IN 47408
P.S. Don’t forget lights for the ride home.

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Smokey the Bear’s Birthday Bash

Smokey the Bear's Birthday BashLet’s get rugged.
Let’s get wild.
Let’s get responsible about putting out our campfires.

Cum and celebrate Smokey the Bear’s birthday with a long, shiggy trail bared by Nuns Shall Pass and F. Lotts Pittsgerald.

The Quickie Deets:
– Where: Boner’s Lot  <map>
– When: 9 August 2015, 4:00 PM
– Who: Bared by Nuns and Pitts
– Why: To unleash your inner bear . . . duh.

Already pretty grizzly? Six dollars.
Just a wee cub? Get beary fo’ free.

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The Hashlor Hash

The Hashlor HashCome and join us for the world premiere of: The Hashlor

Circle of Snatch left town leaving Count Motorboat, Ah Ah Ah all alone
He is now ready to choose his new Hashmate
Many wanks but only one will get the Final Rose!

Starts at 4 pm at Upper Cascades Park, Lions Den shelter (by the entrance of the golf course, W Club house Dr, Bloomington, IN 47404)

$7 for wanks, FREE for Virgins

The Count said “Come and you will get wet Ah Ah Ah”
He also said “Don’t forget your virgin(s) Ah Ah Ah”

Yours truly,
Count Motorboat Ah Ah Ah & Princess Tiny Box

When: Saturday, 8/1 @ 4pm – 8pm
Where: Upper Cascades Park, 3550 N Kinser Pike, Bloomington, Indiana 47404


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The Moon Is Made Of Cheese II Cheese Harder

The Moon Is Made Of Cheese II Cheese HarderMany of you may remember the Moon is Made of Cheese. The hash created when Sweet Ho came to (on?) BUTRz in a dream. She said if you make them grilled cheese they will cum (too). He awoke in a sweat realizing what he must do. He enlisted the help of Jizzy and Sweet Ho (the not dream one) and hared a mightily cheesy trail filled with PBR Fondue and Grilled Cheese Infused Vodka (all Sweet Ho’s idea). Well… the time has come for the Cheese to ride again! This time around BUTRz enjoyed by his co-hares Nuns Shall Pass and Spreadsheets To The Wind to bring you an udderly Cheesy time.

Come Hungry! Expect cheese and carbs to unite within your stomach to make you a happy hasher.

Stinky Aged Hashers: $7.00
Virgin Cheeses: Free

When: Friday, 7/31 @ 7pm
Where: 2040 W Cory Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403  <map>

Note from the hares:

Please do not park in the round – about, but feel free to park in the driveway if there is room.

While dogs deserve all the cheese in the world, this is not a dog – friendly hash.


BTW, cranial illumination and shiggy socks might be a good idea.

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“Yeah, Saturday at 2pm. 9th Street Park. Fairview Street parking lot” Bash

Mothershucker is hosting a MS’ing Bash.

MS Bash







Where: 9th St Park (9th & Fairview), Bloomington, IN 47404
When: Saturday, July 25 @ 2:00 PM
How Much: $6 for the crew. Bring yo new friends for free.

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