BFH3 #941 Bloody Ballot Moon Hash

Where: Olcott Park
When: 7pm, Tuesday, Nov 8

You’ve rolled back the clock on Sunday. (Welcome to the first time-adjusted trail of the season!)

You’ve woken early on Tuesday to witness the Blood Moon pass in front of Uranus. (According to SkyGuide, totality is 5:16 AM to 6:41 AM in Bloomington. The next Blood Moon is May 14, 2025. The next lunar/Uranus “occultation” is in 2235. So, enjoy this while you can!)

You’ve voted and didn’t instigate or participate in an insurrection. (Polls are open 6 AM to 6 PM.)

You’ve stretched. (To make room for beer and snacks.)

Now, join your hares UPP and Moneyshot (Team Panther-Shot) on this meager misadventure. This trail will re-break your internal clock, sacrifice blood to the celestials, and exercise your democratic rights as hash citizens.

Bring your light, whistle, and aspirations.

Olcott Park
2300 E. Canada Drive
Bloomington, IN 47401

Cost: $7 for returners, free to first-timers

Accepted forms of payment:
– Venmo: @BloomingFools (preferred)
– Filthy cash 

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