Chili Cook-Off Rules

  1. This is an open format cook-off, which means that anything goes. Ground meat, cubed meat, chicken, beef, pork, meatless, beans, no beans, pasta, whatever you want to put in your chili is welcome. We’ll even allow that nasty ass Cincinnati-style chili.
  2. Bring at least one quart (or two pints, or a quarter-gallon, or 32 fluid ounces, or 4 cups) of chili. This is our Friday night dinner so we need to have plenty. Enter as many different chilis as you want. Just be sure to bring at least one quart of each chili that is entered.
  3. Your chili should be pre-made when you arrive, not made on site. Our cooking equipment will be limited so your chili should be ready to simply heat and serve. If you have a crock pot, camp stove, or other means of heating your chili, bring it.
  4. The chili you enter must be cooked by you, wanker! Don’t go buy a quart of chili somewhere and pass it off as your own. Cheaters will be publicly pissed on, cheaters will be publicly shot; cheaters will be tied to a urinal, and left there to fester and rot. However, stealing someone else’s recipe, cooking it, and passing it off as your own is allowed and, in fact, encouraged.
  5. Judging: winners will be determined by Kennel’s Choice. Here’s how it will work: each pot of chili will be assigned a number. Hashers are encouraged to taste all the entries and vote for their top three favorites. Everyone will be given three official ballots. Simply write the numbers that correspond to your three favorite chilis on your ballots and drop them in the ballot box. The top three overall vote-getters will win fame and prizes beyond their wildest dreams. The overall winner of the Vegetarian Category will share in the glory. In case of a tie, best two-out-of-three in a cockfight wins.
  6. Prizes, Prizes, PRIZES! What do I get for all this work, you ask? First Place gets three free hashes. Second Place gets two free hashes. Third Place gets one free hash. The winner of the Vegetarian Category gets three free hashes.
  7. For more information or to enter, email