BFH3 #940 The Light Yourselves on Fire Hash

When: Saturday, November 5, 2022, starting at 4:00pm

Where: The Convention Center parking lot (more like the lot at the corner of Madison and 3rd).

This hash is on FIRE!!! Well… Guy Fawkes’ effigy is on fire… because it’s Guy Fawkes Night!

In honor of this irreverent wank of a British subject and PROTESTER, we plan to be even more lit than usual (if possible) by donning as much red and flames (and flame-retardant) covering as possible! You get a very hashy bonus if you are sporting red hair as part of your flaming, wanktastic get-up because it’s also NATIONAL LOVE YOUR RED HAIR DAY! Basically it saves the hares the time of having to light you on fire so it’s a win-win. Additional bonus points if you wear a Guy Fawkes/V for Vendetta/Anonymous mask.

But seriously, pick your protest and wear some flames to burn all the things that aren’t right with this shitty world!!!

Let the debauchery and good times roll!

Cost: $7 for regulars, free to first-time hashers!

Accepted forms of payment:
– Venmo: @BloomingFools (preferred)
– Filthy cash 

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