BFH3 21st Analversary Hash Weekend

200243_10150202499095428_4026331_nIt was 20 years ago this month that the first Blooming Fools Analversary Hash celebrated one year of the greatest hash trails in mid-southern Indiana. And it took place on a sunny afternoon in McCormick’s Creek State Park, with beer and frisbees for all. Guess what? We’re doing it again! But this time, we’re doing it BIGGER!20456_471530090625_429621_n

The 21st Blooming Fools Analversary Hash Weekend will be July 7-8 (with a separate pre-lube hash on July 6 for those who can’t wait to celebrate). For a mere $40, you get:

  • A luxurious primitive campsite for Saturday night in historic McCormick’s Creek State ParkĀ 19536_267939433705_4676205_n
  • Beer
  • Lunch on Saturday afternoon
  • Dinner on Saturday night
  • Breakfast on Sunday morning
  • A crappy Analversary hash trail on Saturday afternoon hared with precision flour throwing
  • A crappy Analversary fat-boy trail on Sunday morning hared with even greater precision flour throwing
  • Beer
  • Alternative beverages
  • Orange Snacks
  • Some primo swag that you’ll treasure forever
  • Beer39710_427634782375_3197266_n

If that bursts your bippy, get over to the rego page (link below) and sign up, wanker! But wait, if you’re a cheap-ass bastard or you’re allergic to tents, you can also sign up for just Saturday, for $30. That gets you all the above, except for the campsite and the fat-boy trail on Sunday. (Note for the super-super cheap wankers: The rego page connects to Paypal for payment, which is why if you sign up via Paypal, you’ll actually pay $41.46/$31.17. If you don’t want to pay th398521_343668715668096_1947580378_ne extra dollar or so, get your cash to a member of Mismanagement ASAP.)

Sign up now while the rates are low. We probably won’t raise them, but you never know. Join us for Analversary! There’ll be beer. (BTW, I was going to put old pics of Blooming Fools on here, but there are too many good ones to choose from, and I don’t want to embarrass us all publically. If you’re a regular, take a dive into the photos on the hash Facebook page. You won’t be disappointed.)

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