BFH3/Indyscent INbreeding Hash

1505369_10104918738470539_8211270111613446113_nINbreeding is defined by the Hash House Harriers Dictionary* (*publication forthcumming) as the “Intermingling of two or more closely related Indiana kennels.” INbreeding is not to be confused with inbreeding, which is when close relatives produce offspring that often have genetic abnormalities, with an unusually high occurrence in US redneck areas* (* However, the two terms are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Please join your hares 13″ Cockshower and Robocopafeel from IndyScent and your own BloomingFools I Kinsey Ur Butthole and Psychadelic Cumfountain on Saturday, November 22nd as we hold our annual INbreeding Hash between IndyScent and BloomingFools in that veritable mecca of inbred redneckery: Martinsville, Indiana. Be prepared to see evidence of the common inbred hilljack everywhere: rusting automobiles on concrete blocks, trailer parks, mullets, confederate flags, and extra fingers and toes on humans and animals. And the worst evidence of all: consumption of shitty cheap beer.

Virgin researchers attend for free. Experienced investigators pay $6. The start will be in the shelterhouse at the back of Jimmy Nash Park in Martinsville.

Trail will be live, the snacks will be orange, and the (nonshitty) beer will be cold. This trail counts as a hash for both kennels.

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