Leap Year Hash!

Leap Year Hash!Tis the season for leaping! 2016 is a Leap Year…. AKA Bissextile Year! LYN, Leap Year is Near….or Love your Neighbor, Nuts, Nub….whatever we’re hashers….we Love it ALL….Especially a Good Leap. There’s no reason not to cum. Thanks to Caesar we have an extra day this year to hash shitty trail, drink beer, fuck like frogs (they do fuck…I googled it…it’s great stuff) and cum!

Hashers $7
Virgins Free

Dogs, Bunnies, Kitties, Pigs, Frogs, Dinosaurs, and, Fruit Flies welcome to join 🙂

When: Saturday, 2/27 at 3 PM
Where: Sycamore Shelter. Lower Cascades <map>

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