Tu-Tu-Tudio Fool Moon Hash

Tu-Tu-Tudio Fool Moon HashWhen was the last time you got tutu hash a Scooby trail? When was the last time you got to see Circus in a circus-themed tutu? Now you can do both! That’s right, you get tutu hares for the price of one! So cum one, cum all! Better yet, cum tutu, cum all! Step right up and join your hares, the none-tutu-timely Circuscision and the wily and elusive Scooby-I’d-Do-Her, on 2/22 as they tiptoe through 2.22 miles of downtown Bloomington.

What? Hashing
Why? To see Circus in a tutu (oh and beer)
When? Monday, 2/22 at 7pm
Where? The Atlas Ballroom – 209 S College Ave
How much? $7 (free for those nu tu tutu)
Tutus? Wear ’em if you got ’em!

Cranium gear recommended in case it gets tutu dark to see.

Tu-Tu! On-On!

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