5/21 Weird Al’s 5th Analversary!

Weird Al's 5th Analversary!Five years ago today, Jizz Hands brought an awkward guy named Just Barry to the hash, changing his life forever. They named him Weird Al Spankabitch. He learned to travel. He became Mismanagement twice. He pissed off a lot of people, who patiently taught him how to act at the hash.

Today, he’s gonna lay trail. It will be live.

Who: Your hares, Weird Al Spankabitch and Gaelic Pasties
When: 4pm Saturday, 5/21
Where: Boner’s Lot <map>, but try to carpool, I guess.
Why: Cheap beer, good times, great friends
How much: free for first-timers, $7 for everyone else.
Theme: Weird Al! (what else?)

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