BFH3 #933 Ho Swarming Hashy Birfday Hash

DATE: Saturday, August 27, 2022 4pm

It’s RIP’s hashy birthday!!! and!! She moved! come sample the delights and pleasures of Ellettsville with a decadently shitty trail with many surprises and VIP access to Ellettsville’s many sublime geographical interests. PLUS! An on-after/birthday shindig at RIP’s new place.

WHAT: A rare and exotic hash through virgin(ish) territory!
WHERE: Ellettsville – Start location is TBD
HARES: Rest in Penis & Cream n’ Jerk
WHAT TO BRING: Shiggy socks, optimism, and a change of clothes for on-after (optional).
WHY: RIP’s dog would really like to meet you.

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