BFH3 Analversary 19 Campout


Analversary 2014, Recreation Hall

It’s that time of year, when Blooming Fools current and former gather for a mostly-annual hash family reunion to camp and drink beer and hash and eat orange food and hash and drink beer, in celebration of the ongoing existence of our kennel for all these many years!

To take advantage of hopefully less-sweltering camping weather, for the first time in a really really long time, we’re having Analversary in June, which also happens to be more or less around the time of year Blooming Fools *actually* had it’s very first hash.

Where: Brown County State Park Rally Camps
When: Friday, June 17th @ 5:00 PM through Sunday, June 19th @ 12:00 Noon(ish)
Why: To hash and sing songs and drink beer and most specifically, to celebrate BFH3’s 19th Analversary of Hashing, and to generally forge an even stronger bond with our awesome hash family, the Blooming Fools!
What’s Included: Three (ish) trails, swag , meals (including the chili cook-off!), orange food, random prizes and surprises for the talented or lucky, beer, bike fun, and camping at two big rally camp sites plus a screened rec building for meals etc. NOT included: State Park gate fee – bring your parks pass or pay $7 in-state plates, $9 out-of-state plates, at the gate!


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How Much: (Unless otherwise specified, prices include everything listed above.)

  • June 13th –June 16th: $75 – Our final and highest pricing tier. Does it seem steep? In reality, it’s probably the only one that is actually high enough to cover all our costs. You can still cum, as long as you register by Thursday! You’re welcome. (Saturday/Sunday only, meals, & swag: $70, Saturday only hash, on-after & swag: $65, Saturday only hash & on-after, no swag/camping: $30)


    The HILLS (of Brown County) are alive with shiggy and hashers!

IMPORTANT NOTES: Absolutely NO registrations for any part of Analversary will be accepted after Thursday, June 16th. You cannot show up at the campground and pay for the whole weekend. You cannot show up on Saturday and hash and then go home. Unless you’ve already registered. Then you can do whatever the hell you want.

Also, it’s not your imagination – the full weekend price is *always* the best deal by far, because we want you to cum all weekend long, to get your swag (and it is AWESOME!), and to bond with your fellow Fools.  If you want to register for something weird like Friday night only or something else not listed here, email, and we’ll accommodate you if possible.


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This year’s analversary will feature:

  • Beer!
  • Orange Food!
  • The BFH3 Chili Cook-off! (Guidelines here.)
  • THREE ENTIRE TRAILS! (2.5 if you don’t really count the Fat Boy on Sunday. Or back to 3 if you include the likelihood that some wankers will decide to lay a midnight trail on Saturday night after too much beer and actually just lay 50 feet of flour and then crash into the side of someone’s tent and call it a night)
  • All the Blooming Fools you can possibly handle in one stretch!
  • Swag! (And it’s an AWESOME SWAG! The best of the year!
  • 10569067_10102428465512600_3744812847364279474_n

    What does everyone want to do right after they have a huge dinner of delicious chili? Go for a run in the dark, of course!!!

    More Beer!

  • Silly Games & Stupid Hasher Tricks!
  • Hash Awards!
  • Arts & Crafts, including the opportunity to immortalize yourself on the BFH3 Hash Family Bush and Name necklace-making (small extra charge, bring $5 if interested)
  • Something bike-oriented… probably a road bash trail and maybe an informal slow roll at some point… details forthcumming…


Registration for BFH3 Analversary 19 is now closed.


Everyone’s favorite hash dad wants you to cum, but after two months and ten thousand warnings, it’s now too late. On an unrelated note, look at that racist shirt. I hope we made him drink for that!