Half-Mind-A-Thon Hash

Cum one, cum all, to the first (annual?) BloomingFools H3 HALF-MIND-A-THON! 10658527_10152685786398769_5457837617874066652_o

This Saturday, starting at 4:00 pm (EDT), the Bloomingfools will be engaging in our own brand of r*cist behavior-yes, we’ll drink for that- when we run our very own Half-Mind-a-Thon! Cum prepared to run, walk, and most importantly, DRINK BEER!

We’ll be starting at Boner’s Lot. For those of you who haven’t bashed, Boner’s Lot is located on W. Hillside Avenue, just west of the B-Line trail. By car, take Rogers Street to Hillside, turn on Hillside (which is south of Grimes, you can only turn east on Hillside off of Rogers, toward the B-Line), and look for hashers.

Your r*cist hares will be Goesentite, Circucision, and Blow Blow Blow Your Goat.

$6 for experienced Half-Minds, free for virgins, aka Half-Mind wannabes.

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