Three Blind Mice Hash

Three blind mice. Three blind mice.
See how they run. See how they run.Three Blind Mice Hash
They’ll lay a trail to chase for beer.
The trail will be live, so try to get near.
But remember a lamp to help you peer.
At the three blind mice.

Join your hares, GargleNuts, Incocknito, and Roshamboner, for a fun evening of cat and mouse (live trail). No need to bait with cheese; orange snacks cum included. Bring $6 and a cranial lamp or else you’ll be just as blind as the mice/hares.

Where: Start is at Karst Farm Splash Pad
When: Thursday (11/6) @ 7pm
How much: $6 for veteran mice catchers, $0 for kittens (virgins)
Why: Why not?


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