Robbie Burns Bash

10838210_10152654077043450_3101692689452920055_o“Freedom and Whisky gang thegither,
Tak oft yer dram!
Down yer heavy, straddle yer bike,
Lest we a’ ur damned!”
– Robert Fucking Burns, aka The Bard

Cum out to celebrate Robbie Burns Day (Scootlund’s second National Day) this January 25 at 2:00pm with a festive fair trail through Bloomington’s many fine lochs — Nessie sightings ur a wee possibility!

We’ll meet in the parking lot between the Bloomington Convention Center and High Speed Tire & Automotive (the parking lot cheekied up against the B-Line, 319 S Madison St.).

Event will include a rolling supper. Na, ya didnae read that wrong! Cum have a cup of cock-a-leekie soup (yes, I promise it is real…and that no cocks were hurt in its making), a bit o‘ the haggis, shortbread, some fine ales and perhaps even a shot or two of scotch.

Bares: Mothershucker, Gaelick Pasties ‘n’ F. Lotts Pittsgerald, wi’ a wee bit o’ hulp fae Biblio.

First time lasses and lads dram ‘n’ ride for free.
Kilters wae hae awready promised loyalty tae William Wallace pay $6 (a wee cost fur freedom).

Trail wull be friendly to all bike types, levels o’ fitness and skill. Ye wull ainlie need a girth o’ enthusiasm ‘n’ a stoatin thirst.

Appropriate dress (kilt and sporran, or at least some plaid and tweed) strongly encouraged, but not required. Painting one’s face Braveheart style also encouraged, but still not required.

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