Tooth Fairy Hash

224610_10205682377794307_6388809694345289403_nWho knew that the Tooth Fairy, that man/woman who steals into our children’s bedrooms and exchanges their teeth for a buck or so has his/her own holiday. Actually, he/she has two holidays: Feb 28 and Aug 22. We’ll celebrate the tooth thief’s existence with a teeth-rattling shiggy-filled winter extravaganza of a trail this Saturday, February 28, starting at 3 pm from the ranger station at Paynetown State Recreation Area, on State Road 446 south of Bloomington.

Your hares will be Mongolian Moneyshot, Princess Tiny Box and White Lightning, and there will be special beer check alcoholic frippery in honor of one of the hares’ recent life accomplishments. For veteran hashers, gallivanting about with the rest of the wankers will cost you $6. If you’ve never hashed before, it’ll cost you nothing, but you have to agree to come back because the next trail might be better.

Directions to the start: Take Third Street east to State Road 446 and turn right onto 446. Go 5.3 miles, and turn right into the Paynetown State Recreation Area. Take the first right and park behind the Paynetown Ranger Station. If you reach the shack where they charge you money to get in, you’ve gone too far. Park behind the ranger station, smell the fresh healthy winter air, and hash. (Please carpool, because there aren’t that many parking spaces behind the ranger station.) On on!

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