Revenge of the Valentine’s Day Hash (A.K.A. The First Ever Lupercalia Festival)

It’s that time again wankers. Last year Screwy and BUTRz took you on a waltz around Bloomington following not flour but pictures posted on the hash event page. This year, barring an unforeseen blizzard, they’ll actually lay a trail you can follow, though no guarantee it will map out a heart. The trail will celebrate love, cumraderie, and bad decisions made after drinking.
Cum join use to help release health and fertility across Bloomington. For all you lonely hearts, trail will cost you $6 bucks. For all you non-lonely hearts, trail will cost you $6 bucks. Since virgins are highly prized, especially on valentines day, they hash for free.

The hash will start at the IU Cross Country Course parking lot at the usual 3:00 PM start time.

Note: We may be parked across the street due to the muddiness of the original cross country parking lot.

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