(funny bash event name)

Sunday just so happens to be Pop Goes the Weasel Day. It’s also Bourbon Day. It’s also Strawberry Shortcake Day. It’s also Flag Day. With all that packed into one day, I say it’s high time to ride our beers and drink our bikes and admire the summertime weather with friends.

So, you are invited to spend Pop Flags the Bourbon Shortcake Day on a bash. Your bares will be Nuns Shall Pass and Hand’ersome Pooper and your trail will start at Salt Creek Cycles (4001 E 3rd St).

When? Sunday June 14 at 3pm, BST
How much? $6 for those with popped weasels, free for those with weasels intact (virgins)
Where? Jeezuz I already told you, Salt Creek Cycles, 4001 E 3rd St

Cum play with us!

Directions: Take Third Street east from town, past the bypass, and past BloomingFoods. Go straight at the light at Smith Road, but look for Salt Creek Cycles on the left after the light at Smith. On on.

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