Psychadelic Colorful Full-Moon Hash!

13770247_10107389558382629_1086338406012109655_nTuesday (7/19)/16) 7 PM – 9 PM
Start at Boner’s Lot. Boner’s Lot (300 W. Hillside Dr.)

With fond memories of their first full moon lay, Hentai and Herp thought it would be fun to re-live that experience once again.

Join them as they try their best to lay an even shittier, fuckier, wackier, and psychadelic trail than before! Big shoes to fill, they know, but it can and will be done.

Returning wanks better cough up $7 to attend–virgin wanks are free!

More details to cum…..

…..and here they are!

-hash is crazy rainbow color-themed so come decked out in some crazy colors. If it doesn’t make us hares color-blind, you didn’t do it right….

-damn Mother Nature is making things get slightly darker slightly earlier so bring some cranial lights

-minimal shiggy although who knows, your hares might get all evil up on this trail….

-true trail roughly 3 miles for DFLs; FRBs, prepare for some fun 😛

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