2016 Libido Olympics

13557776_10208411941033734_134669738074451583_nSaturday, July 30 at 4 PM – 7 PM

Location: IUB Parking Operations, 310 S Fess Ave, Bloomington, Indiana

The 2016 Libido Games, hared by Tri-Harder and Three Hole Punched, will provide the best possible aphrodisiacs for peak performance. Wankers will enjoy world-class shiggy, hashing through the MDP (Mesolimbic Dopamine Pathway), compactly layed for maximum endurance. Assuming you will be wet during your pursuit for a high libido, a torch will be carried on trail, commemorating the Greek God Eros and the hapPenis he brings us. (No worries…there won’t actually be a flame….we’re not that responsible). Gold will be earned by all attending wankers. No training necessary, cum as you are. Your renewed libido will consume the need for any initially required refractory period, allowing the pursuit to cum to an end with multiple orgies in the midst of the Olympic Village. The village location will be announced once the torch has been brought back home – We don’t want any champions winning without us.
$7 for prior competitors
Free for new athletes

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