Dog Days Hash

13614917_10209567702244990_4446875284799628303_nThe dog days of summer traditionally started with the July appearance and rise at sunrise of Sirius, the dog star, and the dog of Orion, the hunter. Join the Blooming Fools and your hares White Lightning and Three Hole Punched to celebrate the start of the dog days of 2016, and to hunt for the beer check amid the malicious shiggy of Yellowwood State Forest. The trail is generally dog-friendly, if your dog is able to vault the occasional downed tree.

BTW, in some places, the shiggy will be harsh, and in other places, the shiggy will be downright mean. I fell while I was scouting trail, my wallet came out of my pocket, and the shiggy made fun of my driver’s license picture. That’s how mean this shiggy is. The ticks were spraying each other with deet just to show how tough they are. Heck, my shoe came off in some ankle-deep mud, and the shiggy threw it in the other direction just to spite me. Mean shiggy! Just mean! You’ve been warned!

The Dog Days trail will start at 4:00pm on Saturday, July 16, at the Yellowwood State Forest HEADquarters parking lot off of Yellowwood Lake Road. Take 46 east from Bloomington to Yellowwood Road. (It’s on the left, and there’ll be a brown sign pointing left as you approach it.) Follow Yellowwood Road to the lake – you’ll wind around, cross an iron bridge, and turn left at a T. Then you’ll wind up and down hills until you come to a sign with directions; go right, not toward the dam. Pass a house on the left, pass the first campground on the left, and then turn left toward the Forest HEADquarters. Then park in one of the 10 spaces near the playground.

Yes, there are only about 10 spaces for parking, so please carpool!

Where: Yellowwood State Forest, Forest Office parking lot
When: Saturday, July 16, 4:00pm
How much: $7 for old dogs, free for first-time pups

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