Lil’ (500) Red (Head) Riding The Library Hood Book Bash

Lil' (500) Red (Head) Riding The Library Hood Book BashOnce upon a time (as it is said),
There were 2 lil’ riders with hair of red.
They found that on a weekend day,
They still had more time to play

Please follow along with this short tale,
As there is info about the trail.

So Sunday at the hour of three;
They’ll gather wankers merrily!

9th street park is the sight of fun,
But bring your bike because we don’t run.

After red dressed days of debauchery,
The wanks still drink but not for free–

Six dollars is the going rate,
But those pure of heart need only bring fate (i.e., virgins are free).

Big bloodshot eyes can give us looks,
But this trail is really about free books

Books: what’s that you hear with your ear?
Are we going to read while we sip beer?

Why yes, our trek has more purpose
To find things beyond the surface!

Libraries scattered throughout our town will be the focus of this round

To take or give, it doesn’t matter,
But we’d like your help with the latter.

Donate stories in which you can sink your teeth
Because sharing knowledge is what we’ll bequeath!

Wear your capes of scarlet red
If you’d wish to cover your head (wsh?)

(Prose translation:
Start at 3 East parking lot of 9th street park. $6 for veterans; free for virgins. Bring books to donate to the mini free libraries if you like! Also, use your red dress as a cape if you attended red dress r*n … Encouraged but not required)
Details to follow

When: Sunday, 4/17 at 3pm
Where: Rev. Ernest D. Butler Park (aka 9th St Park), east lot
How much: $6, virgins are free

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