5/7 BUTRz Off Dead Hash

BUTRz Off Dead HashFADE IN:


The sun rays shine down through the tree cover somewhere in south central Indiana. The sounds of birds can be heard in the background. The occasional brush of wind against the leaves.

CIRCUSCISION: Why did I agree to lay this trail?
BRINGS UP THE REAR: Because you love John Cusack?
CIRCUSCISION: Fair enough, but this trail has more ups and downs then his career.
BRINGS UP THE REAR: Can’t have the highs without the lows. At least the paper boy has stopped chasing us.
CIRCUSCISION: Who knew that the first paper wasn’t free like your first hash. I thought virgin readers counted for something.
BRINGS UP THE REAR: Nope. No way I’m giving him two dollars either, let alone seven. He didn’t even give us a beer. Oh, hey, I brought snacks.
*** BUTRz pulls out ziplock bags of oatmeal bars. Circusicion looks suspect. ***
BRINGS UP THE REAR: They have raisins in them! You like raisins!
CIRCUSICION: What I’d really like is to finish laying this trail.
BRINGS UP THE REAR: We’re almost to beer check. Buck up little camper, we’ll tackle that last slope together.


Start Location: Scarlet Oak Woods
Rough Lat/Lon: 39.213069, -86.437484

Typing “Scarlet Oak Woods” into Waze will take you right there.

PLEASE Carpool. There’s a bigger place to park up the street about half a mile we could potentially ferry people from. There’s a tiny bit of parking at the start of trail but not a ton. It’s at the end of the street in the neighborhood.

Trail won’t be dog friendly due to rough terrain. I wouldn’t want to subject our four legged friends to it.

Please bring DEET or some other bug spray of your choice. In fact, you may want to bring some on trail to re-apply. The ticks are bad this season.

Cost: $7 Experienced Hashers and/or John Cusack fans, free for first-timers.
When: Saturday, May 7 at 4 PM

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