5/13 Wild Hare & Food Drive Hash by Lick Her’Package!

Wild Hare & Food Drive by Lick Her'Package!Everywank’s favorite mailman is going to lay us… AGAIN. This time to support the post office’s annual food drive!

It’s true! Along with honorary mail carrier Susie Bee Strokeher, we’re gonna collect some freaking food to donate to the local Hoosier Hills Food Bank all while drinking some beers!

Some background–the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) does a national food drive once a year the second Saturday of May (May 14 this year). This will be its 24th year running–mail customers can put out non-perishable foodstuffs at their mailboxes and their mail carriers will pick them up. The food will then be handed off to local food banks at the nearby post office. Hoosier Hills Food Bank got 37,741 pounds of food from last year’s drive so it’s a big deal!

What is required of us half-minds to attend, you may ask?

BRING FOOD! Non-perishable food to be exact. Bring some good shit too–not just a buncha cans of pumpkin pie filling or beets. Minimum of 5 canned goods or $5-$7 worth of food.

Beer will be bought depending on how many people say they will attend so RSVP. Like seriously!

If you bring a virgin, that’s cool. Since it’s a charity thing though, encourage them to bring some food to donate. If some of y’all wanks can’t cum, be sure to leave some food at your mailbox/cluster box unit for your mail carrier to pick up the next day!

I realize we are all half-minds, but this is an awesome chance to make a difference in our community and drink beer at the same time! Beer drinking while helping out those less fortunate, don’t get much better than that! ūüėÄ

When: Friday, May 13 at 7 PM
Where: IU Cross Country Course, 47408
How Much: Minimum of 5 canned goods or $5-$7 worth of food

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