6/4 BFH3 Erection Day Hash

BFH3 Erection Day HashPH and first gentlewank ET bring you an Erection Day Hash to be remembered for at least five minutes, complete with voting for your 2016-17 MisManagers!

Cum join us at the parking lot adjacent to the former Proton Therapy Center for Erection Day! What is Erection Day? It is the day we all do our Hashic duty like the good wankers we are and vote for our incumming MisManagement! BFH3 is proud to have extremely open erections, as any and all fools who aren’t virgins or visitors are welcome to cum, register, and vote all in the same day, regardless of hashlitical party affiliation!! Votes will be counted while wankers while the day away on trails through the trees and shrubs and flours, and the 2016-17 Mismanagement will be announced at circle.

After circle, we’ll have an on-after cookout to celebrate 2015-16 MisManagers’ newfound soon-to-be freedom for the low low price of $8 per wanker for dinner and yet more beer, to cummence immediately after circle ends! Yes, that means trail is A to B, but B is a pretty predictable and cumpletely walkable distance from A so don’t feel cumpelled to skip out on that account.

Wankers will not receive “I voted” stickers, but they just might get a marginally hashier cummemorative token to incite blame or adulation for the next year of typically disorganized and non-transparent hash MisManagement, so don’t miss out! Cum, vote, drink beer, eat some grilled stuff, and above all else, have fun with your fellow wankers and start getting SUPER PSYCHED for our upcumming Analversary Weekend, where MM 2015-16 will at last find relief from their labors at the closing ceremonies for Sunday morning’s Fat Boy, and MM 2016-17 will cummence to screw everything up anew!

If you’re staying for the cookout, please let the hares (or mismanagement) know so we have enough food and beer and crap for everyone!

As usual, trail is $7 for Experienced Hashers, free for first-timers, and on-after is $8 for everyone.

When: Saturday, June 4 at 4 PM
Where: 2425 N Milo B Sampson Ln, Bloomington, IN 47408

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