6/12 Live Bare Bash

Live Bare BashCum catch Boner and Pitts as they attempt to live bare a trail for all you wanky bashers!

For those in the group who haven’t been on a live trail before, us bares will leave Salt Creek right after chalk talk, and the rest of the crowd will start out about 10 or 15 minutes later with the goal of solving trail together (and maybe even catching the bares in the act!).

Lil’ bear cubs – free
Old Grizzlies – $6

** Note the non-downtown location! The bypass can be a great way to get out to Salt Creek, but it’ll still take a few more minutes than our standard starting points! Also, we’re announcing ahead of time that trail will be A to B, so plan accordingly if you are going to drive to Salt Creek **

When: Sunday, 6/12 at 3 PM
Where: Salt Creek Cycles, 4001 E 3rd St, Ste 6

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