‘Murica – F@ck Yeah! Hash

July 2 Holiday Weekend HashIt’s the greatest Independence Day celebration in the world for the greatest (F@ck that Trump pussy!) nation in the whole damn world. ‘Murica!

Your hares Cream and Jerk and Psychedelic Cumfountain will lead you deep into the heartland of ‘Murica (Ellettsville) where you can celebrate the awesomeness that is Independence Day in true ‘Murican style. Wear your best stars and bars (that’s red, white, and blue gitup for you hippies!) on trail as you find out exactly why ‘Murica is so great.

Shiggy level: 2 (water crossings and woods)

The cost of this shindig is $7 for true ‘Murican patriots, and free for all them immigrants who make it past that big ass wall and on to trail for the first time.

On-After will be at the end. We’ll have cookout food with all the fixins for a mere $8 more. BYOF (fireworks!) cause it ain’t ‘Murica unlessen we blow some shit up.

To summarize:
Trail only: $7
Trail and On-After: $15
Virgins trail: Free
Virgins trail + On-After: $8

Start location:
Take 46 towards downtown Ellettsville. After you cross over the bridge and hit the stoplight at 46 and Sale St, drive another 50 feet or so on 46 and look to the right. There are two gravel drives that lead back to a parking lot with storage units behind them. Turn right on either one. You found the start. Approximate GPS 39°14’07.9″N 86°37’24.2″W

If you are really in the mood to celebrate, join the hares for a prelube at 3pm at Kenny’s tavern, the best dive bar in Ellettsville that happens to just be across the street from the start. The beer special is $2.50 for the bottled beer of the month.

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