7/3 No Plans, No Friends, No Problem! – New Moon Bash

No Plans, No Friends, No Problem! - New Moon BashJoin Custom Shag and Nuns Shall Pass for a last minute clue bash for you wanks without plans.

It may be raining, so dress appropriately. Headlights (wsh?) and taillights are highly recommended.

We’ll start from the next to the top level of the parking garage.

While regular bashes will still be $6 for returners, bashers who do not wish to drink the provided beer can still have provided water/snacks for a $3 charge. We hope this will be more inviting for bashers who don’t drink, don’t enjoy beer, or wish to bring their own drinks to our events. We’ll make sure some cooler space is available for bashers who bring their own!

When: Sunday, 7/3 at 3pm
Where: 4th Street Garage, 105 W. 4th Street (next to top level)
How much: Drinkers $6, Non-Drinkers $3, Virgins $0

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