9/4 Bash-analversary (Bash #87)

Bash-analversary (Bash #87)This year’s bashelversary will be on our regularly scheduled bash date of 9/4, the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend, at our regular time (3:00p). It will run a little later than most bashes (perhaps plan ahead, if your half-mind is capable?), but most of us should have the following day off from work to recover before Tuesday!

Mismanagement will be baring the bashelversary trail. Herp and Pitts are planning a multi-beer-check route with a delicious cookout (we will have vegetarian options available!) and probably a fair amount of dope-ass games/contests at individual stops. It is sure to be the most interesting and well-lubricated trail of the summer.

And yes, I know everyone is a huge fan of the sweet, declicious taste of BRL 72, but mismanagement wants to live the good life (even just for the day) in celebration of the Blooming Fools Bash, so come with a nearly unquenchable thirst, and get excited to enjoy quality beers, ciders, and wine on trail before, during, and after the cookout!

Cost Info:
– If you have bashed more than 6 times this calendar year, the event is entirely free (the trail, the booze, and the food).
– If you haven’t been bashing regularly this year, but want to ride the trail, drink your fill, and join in on the feast, the cost is $10.
– If you haven’t been bashing regularly this year, but want to ride and drink your fill while skipping the feast, the cost is the normal price of $6.
– Virgins are highly encouraged to join us! To ride, drink, and eat, we would like $4 cost for food, but virgins may ride the trail and drink with the Blooming Fool Bashers for free like any other trail.

Herp and Pitts will be releasing more details regarding the route, drinks, food, etc. in the coming weeks. Hopefully, we can get an accurate head count to ensure a perfect celebration that everyone can enjoy. Actually, we will probably get really annoying as the date gets closer and we demand (repeatedly) an accurate head count.

But for now . . . On-On!

When: Sunday 9/4 at 3pm
Where: Boner’s Lot
How much? $10 or $6 or $4, read above

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