Rite of Spring Hash

In ancient times, men and women celebrated the vernal equinox—the return of spring—by drinking and carousing themselves into an altered consciousness in honor of Dionysius, the god of fertility and wine. We’re going to do the same (well, the fertility part is up to you) this Saturday, March 29, starting at 4:00PM (NEW TIME! NEW TIME!) from Yellowwood State Forest, in the parking lot for the camp store/playground off the Redbud/White Oak camping area (directions below).
Your hare will be White Lightning, and the cost for the totally organic trail will be a mere $6, unless you’ve never hashed anywhere before, and then you get in free. You might wanna carpool, since parking spots are kinda limited.

What: Rite of Spring hash
When: 4:00PM! 4:00PM! 4:00PM! On Saturday, March 29. 4:00PM!
What: Beer. Alternative beverages. Shiggy trail. Warm weather. Sweaty hashers. Hawt!
How much: Still $6 cheep for experienced hashers, free for newbies

Directions to the start:
Take Third Street east from campus. Pass College Mall on your right. Keep going straight. From the corner of Clarizz Blvd. and Third Street (the corner with Bloomingfoods), go straight (it’ll turn into Indiana 46) for approximately 10.4 miles. Turn left onto Yellowwood Road, following the sign that directs you to “Yellowwood State Forest.” Follow that road about a mile, then turn left just after the bridge. Follow that road around, and follow the signs to White Oak and/or Redbud campground. Turn left into the White Oak/Redbud campground area, and follow that till you can turn right, then circle around and park at the camp store/playground parking lot. Here’s a map: http://goo.gl/XAqLpr

Here’s another map: http://goo.gl/8JHsvg

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