The Wilder, Wilder Life Hash

If Circus has learned nothing else in the two years since he and Biblio braved Thor’s wrath to shepherd a small but half-minded band of wanks into the wilderness by T. C. Steele, he’s at least gleaned that once in a lifetime is not enough for some wild, wild life. So once again, he, along with his insipid…no, that’s not right…*intrepid* co-hares, Screw It, I’m Wet, and Brings Up The Rear (but you can call him BUTRz) will lead you trippingly (if you’re not careful) over hill(s) and dale(s) of two counties. There you may find refuge with the wildlife in a land that floweth with beer and, well, more beer. If you go anywhere this Saturday, don’t just go wild. Go Wilder!

10273657_10152427041067328_2312358229639323287_n Where: T. C. Steele State Historic Site (south lot) [39.129646, -86.34943]

When: Saturday May 10 @ 4:00 p.m.

How much: $6 for Wilder, Wilder Lifers; Free for the freshly feral

N. B. – On-after-afterwards, you may find yourself lost in the wilderness. Following some gnashing of teeth, a little Blue Bird may lead you to the Wailers.

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