Battle of the Wa Bash

Hop on your bike, pound a beer, follow trail, sing songs. Bare Hand’ersome Pooper (and potentially someone else) will take you on a streets and paths trail around Bloomington.

Outside of that, come with some ideas of who you might want to punk, as we’ll hold annual nominations for bash mismanagement positions.10273232_803855276291605_580347576096626786_o

Saturday May 17, 2014 at 4pm
Rev. Ernest D. Butler Park (9th Street Park)
Fairview Parking Lot
$6 for bashers, free for virgins

[Note from a non-bare: A bash is a hash on bicycles. There’ll still be shiggy, and BT’s, and beer, just on bicycles. ‘Cause if you have half a mind to bash, that’s all you need, other than a bike and a helmet. On on!]

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