BFH3 Wet T-Shirt Hash

Getting wet and being wet are just about the best things ever, so let’s do both… while DRINKING BEER! Join the Blooming Fools at Cutright S.R.A. this Saturday wearing a white t-shirt over a swim suit (bottoms optional) and prepare for some shiggy, sun, and suds.

10376837_848696915140774_3878995157317882154_nYour hares, Mama Said Pop You Out and Hand’ersome Pooper, have some fun surprises up their dripping wet sleeves to celebrate summer and make this a memorable hash! There will be beer, there will be trail, there will be contests of strength and cunning, and there will be plenty of reasons to get your t-shirt wet.

Aug 2, 4pm
Cutright SRA overflow parking lot (see directions below)
$6 for hasher, free for virgins

You may want: a change of clothes, extra shoes, a towel, and virgins

From Bloomington: drive out 446 S. After the causeway, make the first left into the Cutright State Recreation Area. Stay right at the fork (ignore the parking lot and boat ramp to your left – those aren’t hashers). Make the second left (the paved left, not the gravel left… we’re not animals). Find hashers, drink beer, get wet.

NOTE: due to recent changes to google maps I refuse to use it. I’d rather not have a heart attack. If someone else wants to post one, please do… but please make sure it’s the back parking lot, not the immediate one.

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