Local Bike Shop Bash

14987_10101438420874837_2937331511761400451_nBiblio and P-Cow are baring the Local Bike Shop Bash this Sunday. There will be beer and bikes! $6 for bashers and hashers, virgins free.

Start place: Boner’s Lot (it’s a place! Look: http://goo.gl/fnMeZl)

Start time: Sunday, October 5, at 2:00pm

What’s a bash, you ask? Bicycle hashing (“bashing”) is fun-cycling based on a “hare and hounds” trail which caters to all bike abilities. The bare sets a trail in chalk and flour, including false trails, loops and check, which help to slow the front cyclists (FRBs) down while they look for the next bit of trail, thus allowing the slower riders (DFLs) to catch up. The distance is usually about 10 to 15 miles, with a beer check or two along the way. You have a bicycle? We’d love to have you! And you can do the bash, too!

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