Lt. Dangle’s Booty Shorts Hash

1921233_10101307272262974_3381459192637612062_oIn honor of our favorite booty shorts wearing TV character, Officer Brings Up The Rear and his deputies (Stairwell To Heaven, Psychedelic Cum Fountain), present you Lt. Dangle’s Booty Shorts Hash. Join us for an afternoon of fun and frolicking in the city of Bloomington. Feel free to bring your favorite pair of Booty Shorts. Seasoned veterans of the force, bring $6. For rookies (virgins), you join for free.

When: 4PM, Saturday, October 11
Where: Winslow Sport’s Park (Baseball/Softball fields on South Highland — @ 2800 S Highland Ave, Bloomington, IN)
How Much: $6 for veterans, $0 for virgins
Why? Beer
Map of start:

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