Super Pi Hash

11043331_986931911317273_9041068569858896656_oMath is hard, but it can also be tasty! Especially when all the hashers within a 314 mile radius converge on McCormick’s Creek State P-arc on Pi Day. And not just Pi Day. Super Pi Day: 3/14/15. (Which, tangentially, it’s also Steak and BJ Day.)

So cum join hares Sweet Ho Indiana and Hand’ersome Pooper on a trail laid round some of the most beautiful shiggy in Indiana. We will start from the Pine Bluff Shelter parking lot in the center of the park (see map). There will be beer, sweet surprises, and of course, the best circle in the area!

What: 3.1415926…
When: 3.14.15 at 3:14:15pm
Where: Pine Bluff Shelter, McCormick’s Creek State Park
How much: $6 for those who’ve already been a-round the block (cheap!), free for squares

Directions: From Bloomington, take IN 46 west through Ellettsville. Continue another 6.5 miles until you get to the sign for McCormick’s Creek State Park on the right. Drive into the park and follow signs for the pool. Drive past the parking lot for the pool and nature center and make the next right into the parking lot. Find hashers. Drink beer. Have fun.


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